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Software Testing

Get the recognition you deserve. Whether you test software part-time or full-time, MSTQB and ISTQB software testing certifications can lead to jobs and promotions. Which testing certification should I get first? Where do you start? Everyone involved in software quality starts with the relatively easy ISTQB CTFL certification.

Agile Teams

Testing certification from MSTQB, the official certification body for ISTQB certification in Mauritius, brings software quality awareness, best practices, and context for developers, testers, and business analysts as they work together in the Agile environment. That saves time and improves quality.

QA Teams

Make your QA team faster and more efficient with shared quality standards. With the growth in Agile and Continuous Delivery, QA team members can achieve better software quality with shared testing standards. This includes everyone from Quality Assurance Analysts to Developers to Testing Consultants.


Everyone is now expected to be able to test software competently. This makes ISTQB Foundation Level testing certification (CTFL) essential for developers who want to adapt and thrive in this new environment.



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MSTQB, the Mauritian Software Testing Qualifications Board, is the Mauritius board for the internationally recognized ISTQB software testing certification.

We are the official Mauritius representative of ISTQB certification. The missions of MSTQB are to:

  • Promote ISTQB certification programmes among professionals and students.
  • Open specific ISTQB certification programmes such as test automation engineer to the Mauritian population.
  • Administer ISTQB training and examination.
  • Administer certificates to candidates.
  • Accredit local training institutions and examination centres.
  • Promote software quality assurance as a career among students.
  • Work with educational institution to upgrade academic curriculum based on market needs.
  • Create a community of software test engineers to allow networking.

Our Board Members:


Lovelesh Beeharry


Priya Mungra Beehary


Shabaaz Khan Seewoogoolam


Sanjiv Seeboruth


Gandhinee Rajkomar


Shireen Banu Panchoo


Nirmala Saneechur

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